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Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Writing and Editing for Biomedical Publication

Available at: http://www.icmje.org/archive.html

I. Statement of Purpose

A. About the Uniform Requirements
B. Potential Users of the Uniform Requirements
C. How to Use the Uniform Requirements

II. Ethical Considerations in the Conduct and Reporting of Research

A. Authorship and Contributorship
     1. Byline Authors
     2. Contributors Listed in Acknowledgements
B. Editorship
     1. The Role of the Editor
     2. Editorial Freedom
C. Peer Review
D. Conflicts of Interest
     1. Potential Conflicts of Interest Related to Individual Authors' Commitments
     2. Potential Conflicts of Interest Related to Project Support
     3. Potential Conflicts of Interest Related to Commitments of Editors, Journal Staff, or Reviewers
E. Privacy and Confidentiality
     1. Patients and Study Participants
     2. Authors and Reviewers
F. Protection of Human Subjects and Animals in Research

III. Publishing and Editorial Issues Related to Publication In Biomedical Journals

A. Obligation to Publish Negative Studies
B. Corrections, Retractions, and "Expressions of Concern"
C. Copyright
D. Overlapping Publications
     1. Duplicate Submission
     2. Redundant Publication
     3. Acceptable Secondary Publication
     4. Competing Manuscripts based on the Same Study
          a. Differences in Analysis or Interpretation
          b. Differences in Reported Methods or Results
     5. Competing Manuscripts Based on the Same Database
E. Correspondence
F. Supplements, Theme Issues, and Special Series
G. Electronic Publishing
H. Advertising
I. Medical Journals and the General Media
J. Obligation to Register Clinical Trials

IV. Manuscript Preparation and Submission

A. Preparing a Manuscript for Submission to Biomedical Journals
          a. General Principles
          b. Reporting Guidelines for Specific Study Designs
     2. Title page
     3. Conflict of Interest Notification Page
     4. Abstract and Key Words
     5. Introduction
     6. Methods
          a. Selection and Description of Participants
          b. Technical Information
          c. Statistics
     7. Results
     8. Discussion
     9. References
          a. General Considerations Related to References
          b. Reference Style and Format
     10. Tables
     11. Illustrations (Figures)
     12. Legends for Illustrations (Figures)
     13. Units of Measurement
     14. Abbreviations and Symbols
B. Sending the Manuscript to the Journal

V. References

A. Print References Cited in this Document
B. Other Sources of Information Related to Biomedical Journals

VI. About the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

VII. Authors of the Uniform Requirements

VIII. Use, Distribution, and Translation of the Uniform Requirements

IX. Inquiries

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