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Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of
Scholarly Work in Medical Journals

Available at: http://www.icmje.org/urm_main.html

I. About the Recommendations

A. Purpose of the Recommendations
B. Who Should Use the Recommendations?
C. History of the Recommendations

II. Roles and Responsibilities of Authors, Contributors, Reviewers, Editors, Publishers, and Owners

A. Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors
    1. Why Authorship Matters
    2. Who Is an Author?
    3. Non-Author Contributors
B. Author Responsibilities—Conflicts of Interest
    1. Participants
        a. Authors
        b. Peer Reviewers
    c. Editors and Journal Staff
    2. Reporting Conflicts of Interest
C. Responsibilities in the Submission and Peer-Review Process
    1. Authors
    2. Journals
        a. Confidentiality
        b. Timeliness
        c. Peer Review
        d. Integrity
    3. Peer Reviewers
D. Journal Owners and Editorial Freedom
    1. Journal Owners
    2. Editorial Freedom
E. Protection of Research Participants

III. Publishing and Editorial Issues Related to Publication in Medical Journals

A. Corrections and Version Control
B. Scientific Misconduct, Expressions of Concern, and Retraction
C. Copyright
D. Overlapping Publications
    1. Duplicate Submission
    2. Duplicate Publication
    3. Acceptable Secondary Publication
    4. Manuscripts Based on the Same Database
E. Correspondence
F. Supplements, Theme Issues, and Special Series
G. Electronic Publishing
H. Advertising
I. Journals and the Media
J. Clinical Trial Registration

IV. Manuscript Preparation and Submission

A. Preparing a Manuscript for Submission to a Medical Journal
    1. General Principles
    2. Reporting Guidelines
    3. Manuscript Sections
        a. Title Page
        b. Abstract
        c. Introduction
        d. Methods
            i. Selection and Description of Participants
            ii. Technical Information
            iii. Statistics
        e. Results
        f. Discussion
        g. References
            i. General Considerations
            ii. Style and Format
        h. Tables
        i. Illustrations (Figures)
        j. Units of Measurement
        k. Abbreviations and Symbols
B. Sending the Manuscript to the Journal

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