The Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors

The Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors Bylaws

Date of enactment: March 28, 1996


The organization shall be known as The Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors, hereinafter referred to as the Association. Official abbreviation of name shall be known as KAMJE.


The Association fosters individuals or organizations interested in medical journals and related works to improve the quality of medicine and medical journals published in Korea.

The purpose of the Association shall enhance the medical journals by exchanging information on the editing and publishing of medical journals and by establishing rule.

The specific activities shall be as follows:

1. Discussion on the editing and publishing of medical journals

2. Survey and evaluation of medical journals

3. Development of tools to evaluate medical journals

4. Education for the writing of medical papers and their evaluation

5. Development for the international information exchange program

6. Other activities for the improvement of quality of Korean medical journals


The office shall be located at the place where the President authorizes.


SECTION 1. Classes

Members shall comprise three classes, namely institute, individual, and special members.

SECTION 2. Institute Members

Anymedical institute or medical School which publishes medical journals and subscribes to the Purpose of the Association may be elected an Institute Members. A candidate for Institute Membership shall send an application to the Secretary of Business Committee with one year's due. Institute Members shall be selected by the Business Committee after deliberation.

Institute Member shall be represented by Editor or Editor-in-Chief of Journal. His or her term shall be limited to the term of Editor or Editor-in-Chief.

Institute Members in good standing and shall enjoy all rights, privileges, and responsibilities of membership in the Society, including subscription to the Society's publications.

Institute members whose current dues are unpaid shall not receive the Society's publications or hold office. Such members shall be noticed by the Secretary of Business Commitee, upon second billing, that those whose dues are in arrears for two years shall be dropped from the rolls of the Assoication.

Members dropped from membership for nonpayment of dues or those who have resigned, may bereinstated by payment of current dues.

SECTION 3. Individual Members

Distinguished individuals who have a plenty of experience or special knowledge of Medical Journal Editing may be elected an Individual Members.

Election of Individual Members shall require the recommendation at least by two Members and more than half affirmative votes of the General Meeting.

The terms of Individual Members may be renewsed every five years.

SECTION 4. Special Members

Any individual, Company or Organization who subscribes to the Purpose of the Association and devote oneself to the development of the Association may be elected a Special Member.

Election of Special Members shall required the recommendation at least by two Members and more than half affirmative vote of the General Meeting.

Special Members shall enjoy the right and privileges of Active Members except for the right to become a candidate for officer and the right to vote.


SECTION 1. Names of Officers

Officers of the Association shall be: President, Two Auditors, Secretaries of Committees, Vice-Secretaries of Committees, Archivist.

SECTION 2. Terms of Officer and Method of Selection

The terms of Officers shall be three years.

President and two Auditors shall be elected by Members in the General Meeting. Secretaries of Committees shall be appointed by the President. Vice-Secretaries following the nomination by the Secretaries shall be appointed by the President.

Archivist shall be appointed by the staff members of the Korean Academy of Medical Science.


SECTION 1. Function

Each year, the members of the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting, which shall incorporate following activities: Revision of bylaw, annual planning of the projects, deliberation on the budget and balancing accounts, selection of the officers, admission of members, other activities necessary to the development of the Medical Journals.

SECTION 2. Temporary General Meetings

Temporary General Meetings shall be called by the President or at lease by one third of members

SECTION 3. Membership and Method of Decision

The General Meeting shall be valid when more than half of members are attended. The letter of attorney shall be valid as attendants. However, it shall not be counted for the total number of voting.

A decision shall be made with approval of more than half of attendants.

The Chairperson of General Meeting shall be charged the President of the Association.

SECTION 4. General Meeting Time and Site

The time of the General Meeting shall be in March annually.

The place of the General Meeting shall be selected in the Staff Meeting.


SECTION 1. Membership

Voting members of the Staff Meeting shall be the President, Two Auditors, Secretaries of the Committees, Vice-Secretaries of the Committees.

Non-voting members of the Staff Meeting shall be the Archivist.

President of the Association shall take the charge of the Chairperson of the Staff Meeting

SECTION 2. Authority

The staff Meeting shall establish policies for management of all affairs, and properties of the Association and the transactions of business, except otherwise provided by Bylaws.

SECTION 3. Staff Meeting Time

The Staff Meeting shall be held by reqeust from the President


SECTION 1. Standing Committees

Each Committee shall comprise five to ten members including the Secretary and Vice-Secretaries. The terms of the appointed members shall be three years. The terms may be expired when the member quits the position of Editor or Editor-in Chief. The terms of Secretaries and Vice-Secretaries shall be three years regardless of the position in the Institute. Secretary shall reside the Committee as a chairperson.

SECTION 2. Functions of Standing Committees


Business Committee

: Preparation of agenda for Staff Meeting and the General Meeting, Finance, Deliberation of Membership, Execution of the selected projects by other committees and other business matters.


Committee for Planning and Evaluation

: Evaluation, Education and Program Development related to scientific papers and Medical Journals.


Information Committee

: Survey, Registration of scientific papers and Medical Journals, and the work related to the access of the Information.


Ad hoc


The President my appoint ad hoc committees if necessary. Specific mission and nomination of ad hoc commitee shall be determined by the Staff Meeting.


SECTION 1. Income

Income shall consist of the annual Institute Membership dues, Supporting fund from the Medical Organization, and Donations.

SECTION 2. Balancing year

Terms of balancing year shall be from the date of Annual General Meeting to the date before the next Annual General Meeting.

SECTION 3. Auditing

Annual report submitted by the Business Committee shall be audited by two Auditors before the Annual General Meeting.


KAMJE Bylaws shall be effective from the date of the first Annual General Meeting.

The article which is not specified in the Bylaws shall conform to the customs.

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